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gkommer replied to your post “Where do you get your tweeds? And what kind of trousers do you recommended with them?”

Walking around campus? OSU Mansfield, ashland or Wooster?

Kent State, Fashion Merchandising. Moving back in this Saturday, actually.

jbrookspress reblogged your post Gave a friend a nice herringbone sport… and added:

Tell us about the tie, please. Nice Mardi Gras colors. Who makes it, and where’d you find it?

I found it in a backroom at my work, it’s an old Robert Talbott tie.

the-lonliest-man said: Where do you get your tweeds? And what kind of trousers do you recommended with them?

Ebay, Etsy, Vintage and Thrift stores, etc. I just keep my eyes open for anything with a natural shoulder and a 3/2 roll.

I wear cotton trousers with them usually, because they’re cheap and washable and I need something for knocking around campus, I find Land’s End chinos work pretty well for me. Corduroys or flannels are a natural choice as well.

Gave a friend a nice herringbone sportcoat I thrifted and in exchange he gave me this 42r Corduroy Harrington. The sleeves are done in beige bemberg and the body is lined in a spruce-y wool.

Anonymous said: What are your preferred brand(s) for chinos? You seem like the guy who knows the full spread of possibilities...!

I mainly stick to Land’s End because they hold a crease and are cheap, especially with their frequent sales. I also have a few Brooks and some Bill’s that I wear frequently. 

Inspired by a look that I believe I saw on regattasandreppties. I’ve been looking for a while for a tie in this color way and I finally found one thrifting last week.