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the-tweed-fox said: They are essentially the Australian equivalent to Barbour. They have been used and abused by Australian farmers for decades. Great quality as far as I can tell from my limited exposure. If you like the Aussie style, you should also look into The Australian Outback Company, and Kakadu Traders.

Sweet, thanks so much. I’ll have to look into those other brands!

happypreppy said: Hi, regarding that "Mc Orvis" jacket you won on eBay: It's from the German discounter supermarket Aldi. I didn't find much on the web either, but two German reviews state that it's an alright quality for coming from a discounter. Best regards!

Thanks, I really appreciate it! I had seen a lot of places (like here) that claimed McOrvis was a Barbour license. Either way, it looks nice and I’m excited for it to come in!

Won a waxed jacket on eBay. Looks…familiar. I tried to do a little research on McOrvis but didn’t find anything.